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tv   [untitled]    January 29, 2012 9:48pm-10:18pm PST

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event we are about to give value to, and the long-term legacy that the event authority, organizing committee, the port and commission, are devoted to, to develop our water from, -- waterfront waterfront, which had the opportunity until this came along. >> [inaudible] >> with the expected agreement, a development agreement before the port, i would expect, knowing how important this is, knowing that it is part of job creation, we cannot wait to get people their jobs. that is why i lead with the
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unemployment rate. i am still not satisfied with 7.8. i want to get it down so low to show people, if you bring people together to make decisions, we can do an even better job. if we do not, we have the state telling us the triggers that they will pull, national policies, and if we come together, the port will act quickly to get the schauble stern in on this. i know that we cannot wait for the cruise ship terminal to show itself. >> there was a fire boat pier that fell into some disrepair. can you confirm that that will be raised? >> i cannot confirm that today, but i will certainly have a framework which you -- for you
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in the near future. we have some issues with staffing in the fire department, and that has to do with having a higher level of fire fighting ability, when the event takes place. we are trying to evaluate that, but we are paying attention to it. >> can you say that there will be a fire boat there? >> yes, just the economics around the firehouse, we are not ready to talk to get. >> with the pac 12 occupying san francisco, the job impact? >> immediate staffing of the media center, 150 people. everything from folks like
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yourself, technical expertise, but they will also be looking for new talent. they are not satisfied with television. they want every kind of media ability and contents ability, to show the content that the pac 12 has to offer. they are even talking with universities to bring in the educational content. they are talking about new areas, but they know being in san francisco allows them to have partnership, with innovation, to talk through this. it will be different from your traditional media outlet. >> i wonder if there is someone who can put in easy listening english, the trade-off between pier 12 to 22, with 54 -- what is the practical effect?
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>> monique can speak to that. thank you for the question. >> first of all, i want to thank the opportunity to thank mr. barkley appeared it takes people who love water to love our bay, so we are so proud to have you here. because of that, they have understood the issues that were raised and have come up with creative solutions. we are blessed to have that as a partner. specifically to your question, we have made the commitment to move and long-term arena from one is a passive water area, an era that attracts people from all over the city, west side to to moving the marina to a portion of the waterfront that
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is more of a working waterfront, at pier 54. that portion of the waterfront, we are paying a lot of attention to, with respect to the potential development of seawall laot 377, everything happening n mission bay, and how we are moving forward with pier 70. this fits in perfectly with that, and we can not think the mayor and mr. barkley enough for working with us. >> within mission bay, where about? >> kelly's mission rock is a bit south from there. pretty much across from the old navy building in mission bay. >> is this the marina off of at&t part? >> no, the city area and they can -- contemplated a new arena.
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we are talking about moving back. >> [inaudible] >> so what would go there? >> it will remain a passive water base for everyone in joining the event. >> one other question about fund raising. [inaudible] i do not know if these millions of dollars had been raised, pledged. could somebody give us a fund- raising update? where are you with the amount of money that the committee has to raise to actually put this on? how are you going to get there? >> that obligation is on the america's cup organizing committee. and their initial target is $12
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million by the completion of the process and board approval supervisors. we understand there are on track to do that. we look forward to hearing more the approval process. that will come forward as we put this package together so that people can say, we are bringing these events here in a way that brings the economic impact to san francisco, creates a great set of events. >> how much money have they raised so far? >> you would have to ask them. they have been working to continuously reach out to the philanthropic donor community, working with the event authority, their own sponsorship efforts. that question would be better directed to them. we are confident they will reach the initial goal and will continue to me to their objectives under the host agreement.
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>>ká> in terms of the event, a lot of that money is coming from development agreements coming from the port, as well as financing of the cruise projects. we have an excellent public- private partnership between the port, event authority to do that. >> [inaudible] >> what a great segue. please come to the port commission meeting across the hall after. it is exactly as mr. martin said. with respect to the cruise terminal project, port of san francisco with the city's assistance, the of an authority, are making it is significant investment in pier
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14, 17, 29. the last time there was an investment was 1960. with respect to with they are talking about, piers 30, 32, the event authority will be making that investment, as well as 26 and 28. that leaves out probably another 25 piers. we are working on that. we have the exploratory and project. we have forced city which has helped us with pier 70. we continue to move forward to take care of our wonderful waterfront. as you know, the port issued public debt last year, the first time in a quarter-century that we have been able to do that. it is coming forward in piecemeal, but it is coming, at last. 43 is under construction. they have gone from being a word
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about it to being annoyed about it. -- worried about it to being annoyed about it. the public generously supported the projects, as well as the vernon street wharf. that is where the closed pier 36 is. you will see construction on that quickly. and then there is the work in the mission bay near pier 54. thank you. [applause]
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